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Do You Believe in “Coincidence”?

Well, i didnt,before I met my Malaysian travel mate in three SEA countries accidentally. I call him “my last minutes travel mate” for having our sudden meeting in the very last minutes when I or him is about to leave the country.

I know him from, a social networking site for traveler #yes, that’s why they name it TRAV-buddy. From the site, we found out that we have the same plan and the same itinerary of visiting three SEA countries (Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand) at the same time. One funniest thing which always happens, our meeting never happened as planned in those countries.


I and some friend finally and accidentally met up with Omar in Allez Boo Pub, HCMC

Primarily, when we set a meeting in Ho Chi Minh, he hit the city a day earlier. Though we had so many times contacted one another through FB (He didn’t have local number, as his cell phone is broken) in a meeting spot, the meeting had never happened. Every messages sent by each other are never read in time. When I sent him message to meet up in the evening, he read it in next morning, and that happened continuously til the last day.

Last day, when I and my female friend were having farewell dinner with my dorm mate in a pub, suddenly I heard someone called me. Omar! finally I met him in person! I thought he had left the country as he had told on his last message. We have just had a very short–around two or three days–meeting since he would head to Phnom-Penh after that.

Our second meeting was also happened accidentally in Bayon temple, Angkor Wat on my last day in Cambodia. Actually after I left HCMC and headed to Nha Trang and Hanoi, he went to Cambodia and explored some cities. We did have chat sometimes on FB to set another meeting in Cambodia, no matter what city. The very last day in Siem Reap before leaving to Bangkok, I and Omar have made a meeting arrangement in the locket at 08:00 am.

Unfortunately it was raining in the morning and stopped one hour later. I arrived very late to the Angkor Wat locket, and as I have predicted, Omar wasn’t there. Maybe he got in earlier. The next miracle appeared, we accidentally met up in Bayon, the second site I visited. What made it a miracle for me, he told me that he has just waken up at 10:00am! Luckily he made a speculation to directly go to Bayon and skipped the first temple (expecting that I might be there–and hell yeah, I was still there! Well hey, who knows that I might have moved to another temple, Angkor Wat site is damn huge! But we finally met up!


Omar in Ta Phrom

The destiny doesn’t stop there. We planned to have beer time in the evening at the Pub Street. I initiated to pick him at his hostel which was not far from Pub street. But again, the meeting didn’t work as arranged, the receptionist said that he was outside to have dinner. I then went to Angkor What–one famous pub in town at Pub Street–and met my new friends from South Africa, Martin and Alex. As the night was getting late, Martin dan Alex asked me to join her at X Bar, couple meters from Pub Street. Suddenly, TADAAA, there came Omar with his female friend in X Bar. What a weird coincident! We weren’t supposed to meet up there!


Pooling with Jen, Omar, Alex and Martin in X Bar before I left for Bangkok in the next day

Another meeting set in Khao Sarn road, Bangkok. Thought we never arranged a meeting before, since he told me before that he might just have like one or two days visit in Bangkok  after I left the town already. But then again, God does have some thing planned for us–which I don’t know what and I hope it would not be a love and caring each other thing #puke. One the third day, when I went to an internet cafe and I found Omar was online on FB. In the conversation, he said that he was still in Bangkok and was about to leave Bangkok four hours after. And yeah, that was my last meeting with him before he went back to KL and I flied to Singapore.

Maybe those coincidence could be called as “an unplanned meeting which supposed to run based on the plan but accidentally run out of the plan. We supposed to have fun and had party in HCMC, we supposed to do Tuk-tuk race from the Angkor Wat ticket booth. Every thing happened out of the plan, but we did still enjoy every coincidence happened. That makes me thinking again until this second, how did it happen? are we meant to be together? #puke again

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  1. Farid says

    Pernah dong. Yang pertama ke Filipina tahun lalu. Gw beli tiket JKT-Manila & nyari travel mate untuk sekedar jalan bareng or ngopi disana. 1 hari sebelum keberangkatan hasil dari posting threat di group manila di gw dapet email dari seorang cewek yang ternyata flight schedule nya sama persis. Akhir nya janjian lah ketemuan dibandara and ngobrol2 mau kemana aja selama di Phil? lagi2 ternyata kita punya minat yg sama and sama2 punya tiket flight lanjutan dari Manila ke Laoag….

    Yang terakhir lagi2 dengan orang yang sama. Secara impulsive gw beli tiket ke penang dan niat mo langsung lanjut ke thailand dari sana lewat jalur darat. tanpa disangka ternyata travel mate gw ini punya tiket and rencana yg sma (minus thailand) jadi deh kita jalan bareng lagi. share transportasi, sampe berbagi bed di double room (krna kehabisan dorm). Kebetulan yg aneh.


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