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Aranyaprathet oh Aranyaprathet (Sawadee Krup Bangkok, part 1)

Believe me, it happened, not a hoax, although I don’t have the pictures–Beside the regulation not to take the pics around Immigration area,  My mood was already gone to do anything while standing for an hour and half.

It was an afternoon, after a few hours sitting on the bus from Siem Reap, I arrived at Poipet border. It has been told that all the passenger had to get out of the bus to process the immigration stuffs and took another bus that had been waiting for us in Aranyaprathet–the other side of the border. I walked to a small locket to stamp my passport, queued with the other tourist. After the officer checked and stamped my passport, I continued walking another meters to get out of Cambodia and got in to Thailand border.


The Poipet border immigration officer, taken from

Weren’t there yet, I can see groups of people standing on a certain spot, waiting for something that i wasn’t sure what it is. And until i got there, I realized that the queue started from that spot. Ok, it began to ruin my mood. In a very hot and humid open air area, ten meters from the official queuing line to the immigration building, all of the people were like piling up not in a proper line. The worst case was, although the queuing is divided into Domestic and international passport, the line only moved forward one-two meters in every 10-15 minutes.


The official line up outside the Immigration Building. Imagine these place is full of tourists up until 10 meters away out of here.  Taken from

After a very long, exhausting and mood ruining queuing, I got into the immigration building with air con and another 15 minutes queuing to the locket, my passport was stamped. And I still had to walk again outside the building to a certain spot where the agent was waiting for us (we were given red sticker to mark us). There, I and some other tourist were guided to get into a passenger jeep and went to a restaurant where the minibus will finally take us to Bangkok.

Seriously, this experience made me loosing my travel mood. Maybe that day was the usual hectic day for the immigration, but i was sort of thinking, why don’t they build a bigger building and comfier waiting area if they know that the people flow each day could reach to its peak.

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A writer, Traveler, Culinary seeker, and for sure, a short minded guy who won't think further to decide to confirm cheap flight when the fare goes on promo :D


    • haha, parah d yg di poipet, bnr2 kyk loket bus mba. Aku blm prnh lwt border Thai-Malay, yolooo, masih mending pbatasan viet-cambo deh, kecil tapi dalem ruangan


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