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Being a Temporary resident in LCCT, Kuala Lumpur

LCCT or Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Kuala Lumpur becomes my temporary home when having my second South East Asian trip. Right before heading to Philippines from Lao, I took one night staying at the LCCT. And not only on that day, I also spent a night sleeping here one day before flying to Lao and one day before flying back to Jakarta. Not because I really am into this airport so damned much, but I was forced to do so due to the very early morning departure time. Since I have slept there for three days, more or less, I totally remember the whole place inside the airport, where the rest room which has shower is, where the drinking fountain is, where some best spots to sleep are, and where the cafe which has cute waitresses is.


Sleeping at the airport is not categorized as committing crimes. So many travelers do that for variant reasons. Some of them prefer to save some money by sleeping there rather than spend it at the hotel. Some of them have to catch the earliest flight and they find it is wiser to sleep there than to wake up and drive in the morning from their home. Some of them even only want to feel what is like sleeping there with no significant reason. For me, this is my 4th, 5th and 6th time sleeping at the airport and to be honest, I start to get used to it.


LCCT Map, taken from

Sleeping at the LCCT could be something fun to do, because they provide you with three hours free WIFI to use. Besides, no body will forbid you to do so, because you are not the only one. Hundreds of passengers are spread in some areas to find the coziest sleeping spots. Don’t get shocked, because you will find them even sleeping with their sleeping bags or blankets (sounds like they are well prepared to sleep there, right?)

In this note, I would like to share some experiences while being the temporary resident of LCCT.

The Most Fave Spot to sleep

1. Along the alley in front ofΒ  Marrybrown

This is the most crowded alley where passengers choose to sleep. Although this alley is always busy with people who pass by, but this ally is never empty. This alley also becomes one of the strategic spot to sleep because it is near to both drinking fountain and restroom.

CIMG5856 CIMG5285

2. Domestic departure hall

This one is also rarely empty. All chairs are always occupied by the passengers and their bags. You can have TV to watch if you haven’t sleepy yet, or you can have supper right in front of this area–though the meals is a bit pricy. The rest room is also reachable because it’s located next to the area.


3. Any empty space you can find

This one is random, you never know when your luck is coming. Some spots like behind a booth, or behind the massage chair, or in front of broken self check in machine, anywhere you can find. Well, need an extra effort to find this sneaky and unexpected place.



So much restaurant and cafe you can find here (McD, Marrybrown, Taste of Asia). Unfortunately, the cost is a little pricy–what do you expect from dining in the airport? If you want to buy an affordable and less reasonable price of meals, you can walk out of the LCCT to a food stall names Food Garden near the bus station. It opens 24/7 and offers you variant meals (including KFC!).

To Kill the Time when you are not Sleepy yet

1. Watching TV at the Domestic departure hall

Well, though you can’t even hear the sound, but at least you can see its moving picture. After all, in couple minutes, i believe that you will fall asleep.

2. WIFI-ing

As I told you before, LCCT gives you free 3 hours to use the WIFI service while you are there. But if you think 3 hours is never enough and you need more time to kill the time by going online, here is the tips for you–thing that I always do. First, I use the free 3 hours WIFI from the LCCT. After the time has over, I go to Starbucks, by a drink and go online until the shop is closed at 2 AM. Then I got out again to use another 3 hours given (since the day has changed, hence another quota is renewed). But one of my friend gave me different suggestion. If you have more than one different gadget like Notebook, Ipad, Android, Blackberry, use each gadget one by one every 3 hours πŸ˜€ Quite brilliant idea actually. But too bad, i just have one gadget with me 😦

3. Chatting with stranger

Well, I never did it, since, we know, who is craving for having conversation in the late night. But If you meet some people who looks so fresh, why don’t you try to start the conversation? Who knows that you two have the same itinerary and you two can travel together.

Take Shower

You can take the shower at the rest room in front of Starbucks coffee shop. Some other rest rooms don’t provide this facility.

Money Changer

The Money changers are located in the alley which connects Domestic departure hall and International departure hall, The booths are near to the rest room.

Charge the gadget

Every spots are provided with wall plug. Just make sure that you use the three pins plug or at least bring the plug converter.



Although LCCT becomes one of the worst airport based on, but we could not deny that, since the growth of Airasia, this LCCT become one of the busiest airport in South East Asia. Three days experience spent in LCCT showed me the high intensity of people mobile. This airport becomes temporary home for everyone who needs place to rest while waiting for the next flight. This airport also becomes the melting pot of heterogeneous traveler.

For me, three different days on the same week gave me a great experience that I never had before. One lesson to learn, survival. Against what? Against the patience when I had to wait for couple hours. Against the hunger when I had to spent less than I should. And against the comfort zone when I had to sleep on the floor, using my old bag as the pillow.


To find some tips on how to sleep in the airport, you can open this link sleeping in airport



  1. noe says

    Hahaha… terjawablah ke-geli-sahan ku. kemaren beli tiket yg 0 big point CGK-KL malem, untuk terbang lg ke Krabi pagi2 sekali. temen2 pada protes dan nanya, takut diusir satpam pas tidur di LCCT. tq inpohnya yaa..


    • Which NAIA? I’ve just been to NAIA 3, huhu. maklum, cm bisa naek Cebpac hehe. Tp di NAIA 3 di lantai duanya, deket foodcourt emang banyak space buat tidur yah.


      • NAIA 3, dingin banget gak sih? iya biasanya kl baru mendarat pagi buta tidur2 ayam dulu di praying room/mushola nya. lumayan anget dan nyaman :p


      • mushola lantai dua ya kl ngga salah. ntar kl ada rejeki ke filipin lagi–ntah kapan hehe–dan diharuskan nginep bandara, tidur sana d coba. scara manila macetnya kayak kampret wkkw


      • Aduh Pasay macetnya parah banget emang. Mana agak slumpy ya daerahnya. Gw wkt itu ketar ketir nyari Philltranco buat ke Diosdado ternyata jauh banget dari stasiun Rotonda haha


    • sama banget! hari pertama tidurnya model begitu, sampe akhirnya subuh2 kebangun dan melihat semua orang yg lewat menatap sinis kearah orang2 yg tidur disitu (tmasuk ke arah gw haha), langsung deh hari kedua nyari tempat yg lebih manusiawi dan jauh dari pandangan sinis orang haha


  2. farid says

    LCCT kalu gw paling nyaman ya tidur dimushola yg deket bis2 mangkal. atau wifian di food garden.
    Di NAIA tuh banyak banget spot enak untuk tdur. Di deket circle K ada space kosong, atau di.bawah tangga seberang nya money changer. kalau mau yg paling tenang di bawah deket locker room. dijamin ga ada orang and bersih. Dulu sng tdur di mushola tpi skrng srimg dijagain and ga boleh tidur….


    • nahh ini dia kuncen segala airport, haha. sampe hafal sudut2 ruangan smua bandara. Nti d kl dah nyangsang ke Diosdados, gw pgn u bantu nyariin, dimana t4 tidur paling nyaman di bandara kecil nan panas itu hehe


  3. Lydia says

    dulu di blakang yg buat wrap bagasi itu ada karpet tipis, lumayan buat alas tidur… terakhir kesana udh ga ada karpetnya……heheheh


    • kyknya sempet lewat deh kmrn, dan emang dah ngga ada karpet dan ditutup sama pita penghalang gt. pdhl tempat strategis bgt ya buat tidur tanpa gangguan org lewat haha


  4. Wow! Thanks for the information! I was planning to do it as well because I’ll be arriving at midnight already in LCCT!


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