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Puerto Princessa City, Simple yet Beautiful (Mabuhay Philippines, part 2)

Mabuhay Philippines,

What a lovely morning. I woke up, left Jake’s flat alone and walked to the main road, stopped the taxi and then trapped in the traffic. I was on my way to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), terminal 3 to catch the flight to Puerto Princessa Palawan. Luckily I still had two more hours to go and NAIA 3 is located only 20 minutes to go (without traffic) from Pasay city. Although I wasn’t in rush and didn’t worry about the time, but what I concerned was the taxi tariff. Thanks God, I think the driver was one of the best in town. He took shortcuts to avoid the traffic jam and brought me to NAIA 3 faster than expected.


An advertisement i found on the way to NAIA

NAIA 3 is dominated with Cebu Pacific airlines. Most rows are occupied with its counter–just like Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta 3 as Airasia base camp. I queued with some other tourist at domestic counter. After checking in, I took breakfast on the 2nd floor where food court and some shops lie at. Some foods here are variants, start from Japanese, western and of course the local one.


Cebu Pacific check in counter


The departure hall

My belly was then full, I continued walking down the stairs and got into the waiting room. Pretty amazing, Puerto Princessa destination’s waiting room was really full of passengers. No wonder, who doesn’t know Palawan island, one of most fave destination in the Philippines. Elnido, Sabang beach, Honda Bay, Snake island, Underground river, you can name it.

Yep, Underground river, that’s the main purpose of my coming to Philippines. Underground river has been recognized as one of seven natural wonders, along with Komodo Dragon in my country Indonesia, Halong Bay in Vietnam, Jeju island in South Korea, Table Mountain in South Africa, Amazon river in Brazil, and Iguazu waterfall in Brazil and Argentina. This Underground river becomes my third Seven Natural Wonders after Komodo Dragon and Halong Bay.

In one hour, I had already arrived in Puerto Princessa International Airport. Using cyclo (tricycle public transportation that is just exist in the city) I went to hostel that’s recommended by my bible–Lonely Planet again, lols. It didn’t take really long time from the airport to the hostel. Puerto Princessa is a simply beautiful. The city is so calm with shady trees edging ALONG the road from the airport to the hostel (I emphasize the “along” word because obviously in the other part of this city–especially near the bay–the chill atmosphere turns into hectic and stressful, although not as stressful as in Manila.


Puerto Princessa International Airport

CIMG5458 CIMG5463

the Cyclo

Once reaching the hostel, I straightly went to receptionist and did the reservation. I did not pre-book by online as i usually did when tripping because they don’t reply my email yet and it’s rather pricy to call them from Indonesia. Luckily I still got one vacant bed in dormitory. When I found the receptionist desk which is located in the restaurant (also becomes the lazy room for guests), my smile widened. THAT LAZY ROOM IS SUPER OOOWSOME! Suddenly I got a great plan to do tomorrow, a doing nothing plan!!

CIMG5445 CIMG5450

Lazy room!! Believe me, some guest also spends one or two “doing nothing” days here

As suggested by my local friend, I went to spend my sunset time in Bay Walk. Bay Walk can be reached on foot and along the way to Bay Walk, we can find some catchy and interesting things…


Street sign, I guess…


Ten commandment I found in an intersection


Another unique sign


The crowd near the bay




Puerto Princessa is a city which commits to discipline its cleanliness and environmental awareness. Some strict regulations are enforced in order to keep the city clean. I mean it when I said STRICT. You could not smoke and then carelessly dispose the cigarette butt because if someone finds out, you would be reported to the authority–seriously, there is written clause about it.

Finally, the beach walk…


CIMG5488 CIMG5502 CIMG5493 CIMG5507

Actually, the agenda supposed to be watching the beautiful scenery of the sunset. But the time was too early and when I reached the place, a little accident happened (I got a heartburn and had to go to rest room immediately–infact, I did not really feel comfort if I had to do big “business” at public rest room…). Since I really can’t stand with the squeezing feeling inside my stomach, so I walked a little faster and stopped the Cyclo to drive me home… What a perfect sunset moment…

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  1. malu kita sama air asia, gara2 tiket murah pada banyak ke malaysia … lion n pesawat indonesia kapan? nyari untung terus mereka … gak mau peduli sama pariwisata indonesia *sigh


    • mereka ngga berani spekulasi untuk bikin low cost si. psawat kita kan medium cost smua. mau promo paling murah jg either brp juta taun skali ato di ujung kebangkrutan, zzz


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