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Back in Manila and Greet the Biggest Mall in Asia (Mabuhay Philippines, part 4)

Mabuhay Philippines!!

After doing the Underground river tour and having lunch, the minivan left Sabang beach. The trip was amusing and Little feather started to get closer one another. But this one day tour could only unite us in a short moment because we had to get back to our hostel and continued plans that had been arranged by each group. And I, in the evening, at 10 PM, had to fly back to Manila.

Since my hostel was the farthest from the other, I was the last person dropped. I packed all my thing, checked out and sat in the lazy room for the last time to have my favorite menu at the hostel before heading to the airport. Couple hours spent and then I said bye-bye to some hostel staffs who were so friendly. Only pay about 40 Pesos, the cyclo brought me to the airport just in time.


In short, after one hour flight, I arrived at NAIA 3. A taxi drove me to Malate district, place where I would spend another 3 days in Manila. As I read, Malate is a district where cheapy stays are easy to find. Just like another backpacker area, there can be found a lot of night clubs and street pubs along the district. It was already late night and once I arrived at the hostel, I directly went to sleep. I got a private fan room for 550 Pesos because there was no vacant room for dorms. Well, at least I got free WIFI all the time and though the room has no window, it wasn’t hot and humid at all.


On the next day, after rolling few hours on the bed in the morning and all spirit completely gathered inside my body, I was ready to get up and left my bed. I took a shower in a bath room beside my room and then prepared all thing  before leaving the room. I had already texted my Couch Surfing friend who lives in Manila to meet up. Malu–her name–asked me to meet up at Mall of Asia. What a coincidence, because that was on my “to visit list” too.

What is so special with this mall? I just knew this Mall after one of my friend told me not to miss this shopping center. This is not a usual shopping centers like any country in Asia has. This is THE BIGGEST MALL IN THE CONTINENT! Well, at least that’s what I read from Google.

Malu suggested me to go there by Jeepney. However, I wasn’t in a good mood of being lost today, so I took a taxi to get there. Malu told me that the price should not be more than 100 Pesos. Hence, any price that was offered by the driver should be bargained into 100 Pesos, less is way better, lols.

In 15 to 20 minutes after passing through the traffic (ah, I forget… I am in Manila, Traffic is every where, lols). The taxi driver dropped me in front of Hypermart entrance. First impression, so, this is the biggest mall in Asia? I didn’t know that it was only one of the shopping center the mall has.

While waiting for Malu, I went to have breakfast in a restaurant beside Hypermart entrance. I opened the menu and found one familiar menu. Lochon Kawali!! That is the must try food in the Philippines, suggested by my friend. Lochon Kawali is grilled pork with a very thick and crunchy lard, served with special sauce. I then ordered Lochon Kawali and one rice with beef something something (I forgot the name). I thought the portion would fit for one person only, but when all plates were served, I suddenly frowned… Ok, this is a big portion of meals and I didn’t think that I can finish them.


Malu texted me that she had arrived after my breakfast had been finished. I paid the bill and then went out to the place where Malu were at. It was very funny, because our meeting spot was at a mini mart right beside the restaurant where I had my breakfast. Malu was waiting inside the mini mart (not really mini, I guess). We shook hand and talked a lot even in the first hour. She is kinda friendly and talkative woman–crazy friend, if I may say, lols. A lot of jokes were uttered from her which making me laugh all day long.

Malu took me around the mall, walked through every corner, and visited some shops. Indeed, this mall is way way sooo big and spacious–not an exaggeration, you may check by your self when visiting it 😀

CIMG5667 CIMG5673

Yes, they have showroom


Yes, they have stage


Yes, they have ice skating area


Yes, they have child play ground


Yes they have the cinemas


Buying popcorn

In the afternoon, when we had had the entire mall tour, we decided to go to the cinema and watched a movie. Well, for me, this kind of sudden yet silly agenda was something fun to do, though people might think, “What?? you went abroad and all you did was just watching movie at the cinema?”

Malu came back from the ticket counter and brought two tickets. Then we went to buy a huge bucket of  cheese popcorn and cokes. Guess what, we’re about to watched Oz the Great and powerful! yaaaay, sounds like amusing (Omg, what the hell were we doing, lols). The only reason to pick this movie was because I wanted to spend my 200 Pesos (5 USD) for the longest movie, haha.

The movie took like more than two hours and after  that we went around again to the other spots that haven’t been reached. While hanging around, Malu got called. it was from her CS friends who also would meet her that day. Those CS friends told Malu that they were already in Mall of Asia. Those CS friends are originally from Czech and just spent six months living in India. They flew to Manila before heading to Taiwan. We met them in front of  a cafe shop.


Patrol on scooter??


Security patrol with car??


Yes, they have ferris wheel outside the malls


Me, Malu and two Czech CS friends

Malu took us to a place for beer time outside the Mall, beside the bay. It was Sunday, and when the evening came, the people were getting thronged. We sat at an empty table and ordered four bottles of San Miguel. We had a casual conversation about how our new friends survived living in India, how they rented a house and welcomed any couch surfer who paid a visited, how they adapted to any local norms and how they had to socialized.

That was a memorable day and I had enjoyed so much fun with my new friends. But in the end, another “good bye” should be said. We left the mall and waved each other. We promised to visit one another when the good time comes. Thank you Malu for gorgeous yet stupid conversation we had all day long, lols.


And yes, the theme park too



    • jangan lupa, foto sambil ngantri di Jco haha. Jco tenar banget, ngantrinya dah kayak ngantri barang branded lg diskon mba wkwkw


  1. Baru kali ini liat scooter model begitu haha. Dan… ternyata nggak hanya kotanya aja yang cantik. Cewek Ceko juga manis-manis ya hahahaha


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