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Hey Sorong (Raja Ampat, the Last Paradise on Earth, part 1)

Good morning Sorong, West Papua. It’s 1 PM here at local time, and I have just arrived at Domine Eduard Osok airport with some of my friends. It was rather different with my two other friends, that was my first time being in Papua, East Indonesia. Super excited was my feeling at that time, because all I know, without the promo fare of an airline, I don’t think that I can leave my footprint on this island. Yapp, Papua island is located in the most eastern part of Indonesia. For me who stay in Sumatra island–the most western island in Indonesia–the normal fare for return ticket to Sorong (one of the cities in West Papua) would be rather expensive, almost the same with return ticket to India, I guess.


Domine Eduard Osok Airport

After a few minutes waiting for the baggage, I and my three other friends, Rahma, Ika and Agato went out of the airport. There were already Zee (our tour operatior), Tison and Moory (Agato’s friends). Tison and Moory offered us their place to stay when they found out that we haven’t decided where to stay yet. Our trip will be started tomorrow and today we did not have any agenda. Tison and Moory then brought us to their place. Once arrive at their place, we took a rest for a while and got to know each other because that was the first meeting for all of us. Tison and Moory went back to the office while we took a nap until the evening came.

After Tison and Moory finished working, they borrowed some motorcycles for us. They planned to take us having city tour. Ika came up with the idea to go to a pagoda. Well, I did not know idea that Sorong has a pagoda–since I did not google a lot about the city before. The motorcycle then ran smoothly following Tison and Moory’s ride. The weather was quite cloudy at that time, and we worried about the rain would fall down soon before we arrived.

Thanks God, the pagoda is not that far. In less than 10 minutes, we have arrived there. After Tison asked for the guard’s permission, we got into the pagoda. That place has four floors and each floor we could see some Budha statue and some offerings.

CIMG5922 CIMG5923 CIMG5934 CIMG5927

As we took a look inside pagoda, suddenly the rain fell down heavily. We were stuck there for about an hour before we were forced to leave the pagoda for being too noisy, lols. Passing through the heavy rain, we went to Tembok Berlin, the place where some locals usually hang out or have dinner. Yup, along the wall which becomes the barrier between the main street and the beach, there are a lot of food vendors who sells variant local meals such as Javanese culinary and seafood. Well, that night was closed with a fancy dinner in a seafood tent and warm laugh among the conversation.


On the next day, the rest tour members arrived. Herlina, Dinar, Budhi, Saprin, and Lydia were picked up by Moory and Zee at the airport and we gathered for a while at Tison and Moory’s place to have rest. We supposed to begin our trip to Raja Ampat when all were complete. Unfortunately a little accident happened and we had to postpone the trip until tomorrow. So, on our second day, instead of going to Raja Ampat, we went to Saoka beach, one hour from Sorong.




Don’t get shocked, in Sorong, pigs are every where

Driving the car rented by Zee and guided by Moory, we headed to Saoka beach. When we got there, the beach was so tranquil. Beside us, there were just couple of locals who also visited the beach–maybe because it was weekday. Before taking some photos and enjoying the beach a bit closer, we had our lunch first inside a wooden hut.


And photo session began…

CIMG5942 CIMG5952CIMG5942 CIMG5945

Me and Ika

CIMG5956 CIMG5961

Saprin, Tison and Moory

When the sky was getting cloudier, we decided to go back home. Some of the road were still undertaking reconstruction, and some parts were still covered by dry mud. If we did not get back earlier, we were afraid if the wheels will be stuck inside the wet mud when rain came.

That’s the end of the activity of the second day. We then checked into a hotel in town and had some rest after having dinner in Tembok Berlin–again πŸ˜€ We had to take enough rest because the next day, our journey was officially started. Raja Ampat could not wait!!

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  1. Andai tiket ke Papua murah efeknya bagus gak ya? Hmmm… semakin banyak yang kesana takutnya malah Papua gak seperawan sekarang hahaha πŸ™‚


    • well. pros cons nya begitu si. Tp kyknya emang ga prlu tlalu bnyk turis d haha. kyk di salah satu t4 wisata yg tkenal di R4, saking dah ramenya, jadi jelek pantainya


  2. makin meningkat penjualan kamera, semakin banyak dampaknya. termasuk berburu objek, dan berpetualang salah satunya. hahahah jadi siap2 saja bumiku sudah tidak perawan lagi.


  3. someday I’ll be here! #sikap

    btw gpp banyak turis asal pake kuota pengunjung.. πŸ™‚

    *jd inget kisah temen yang melancong ke pulau Sipadan (eks Indonesia) dimana kuota pengunjung cuma 100 orang per hari, pulaunya tetap bersih, rapi, dan tidak crowded*


    • bagusnya si begitu yah. dikasih kuota. ato digalakkan rules ketat soal environment rules kyk di puerto princessa. inshallah turis jg diwajibkan ngejaga lingkungan. tp mendingan jgn bnyk turis d, drpada bnyk turis, banyak jangkar, banyak trumbu karang rusak, gada lagi anak2 hiu yang maen di pinggir pantai


      • Denger-denger bisa pake metose batu kubus sebagai pengganti jangkar yak. *nyamber


      • nahhh itu lbh baek, jd ga ngerusak terumbu sama skali. yg bikin rusak karang kan krn banyaknya jangkar yg dijatohin tuh


    • under waternya standar si kl snorkelling pas yg gw prgi kmrn. tp emang luar biasa, snorkelling di dermaga aja ikannya ajegile warna warni hehe. tp r4 emang surganya diving gw rasa. gw harus baliiiiik


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