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Island Hopping in Paradise (Raja Ampat, the Last Paradise on Earth, part 2)

Let me introduce you to the squad, friends whom I spent the time with during Raja Ampat tour…

Raj48 squads

At 9 AM, we already arrived at the harbor and the speedboat had been waiting for us. After the crew took all the bags inside the boat, all of us got into the boat and left the harbor. We were super excited and could not wait to get to Raja Ampat soon, one of most favorite dream destination in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat is an archipelago which constitutes four major islands (Waigeo, Misool, Bantata, and Salawati) and some small islands. Raja Ampat is not only well known by its iconic cluster of islands  which could be seen in the top of Wayag island. Raja Ampat also has a very magnificent underwater world which is enriched with biodiversity, schools of fish, colorful coral reefs, and other deep-sea creatures which will provoke your enthusiasm.

I and Raj48 (how our trip group named) spent most of our entire days hopping from one to other beautiful and natural islands. Each island has its own uniqueness and specialty, although all the locals who stay there always welcome us with their brightest smile. The gradation of the blue sky was reflected on the waters surface, , and smooth waves tickled our bare foot when we stepped on the white and soft sands.

In this session, the notes would be written in form of pictures gathered in a simple video I made and uploaded on Youtube. Ladies and gents, enjoy…



  1. budhi_ says

    Love last tagline….
    No more drama, no more tears, it’s just laugh and smile…
    Thanks dearest, ur friendship spirit means a lot to me… keep on rockin’ and wish the bestest of ur life! ❤ ❤


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