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Wayag! This is What I call Paradise! (Raja Ampat, the Last Paradise on Earth, part 3, End)

The day was getting scorcher in Raja Ampat archipelago. After one night staying in Sawandarek island, I and Raj48 crews were heading directly to our major destination, Wayag!! Well, what is wayag and what is so special with Wayag? Well you might ever see an advertisement about Raja Ampat which shows a very beautiful scenery of a cluster of limestone which lies on blue greeny waters. That is Wayag!

Located in West Waigeo village, Raja Ampat, Papua, Wayag will hypnotize you with its magnificent view from the top of the island. To get there, you can stay a night in Waisai or in one of islands which provides home stay–I and Raj48 squad stayed in Bianci island.  Wayag becomes the icon of Raja Ampat for its incredible view. Some said, if you did not visit Wayag when coming to Raja Ampat, you have not really visited the Raja Ampat yet.

It took like half hour to get to Wayag from Bianci island by our speed boat. First, we stopped at an island to report our selves and showed our badges. This badge is compulsory to have if you want to have a visit to Raja Ampat as permit to enter. You just need to pay the conservation fee IDR 250k–for local and you will be given the badge to show each time the officer ask you to.

IMG_0448 IMG_0430

While waiting for Zee took care of the registration, we spent some minutes to enjoy the scenery on the beach while waiting for our lunch be ready. On this island, said one man,a tour leader we met there, we could also have an approximately an hour trekking to see a piece of view of Wayag with a different angle. But since we already had other spots to see the view, so we just spent the trekking plan for next time.

After Zee had registered all the squads and after we had finished having our lunch, our boat took us straightly to the trekking spot. On the way to the spot, we were amazed by the limestone island which laid and  spread on the waters. The waters was also crystal clear, that sometimes we could see the seabed and some fishes swimming. Not long after that, we got into giant gate made of couple limestone and found a very beautiful beach.That was where we will start our journey for the trekking.

CIMG6167 CIMG6174 CIMG6178

The boat stopped near the shore, and we walked to the white sandy beach, waiting for our turns. Yes, due to the massive number of the guests, we have to wait for our turns to get into the island and to start climbing the hill. Each time we met some groups who had just finished their trekking, they looked totally sweaty and exhausted. One or two persons got a little grazed on their knees, or scratched  and bleeding on their hands. Then I sort of wonder, how terrible the track would be? Would it be over masochist that everybody will get injured?

Not long after that, there was a family and little kid and it made me feel a little relieved. Well at least, that kid is way-way smaller than me and he was survived. Her mom told me that, yes, the track was quite heavy and exhausting, but it would be worth the scenery showing up there. She also tickled me by saying, “My son can, so will you!” Ok, Wayag, here I come!!

It came to our turns and we–again–got support from other group whom we met while walking through the track. At the beginning the track was just a plain ordinary track. We passed by a jungle, stooped a little to avoid the branches and twigs. Next minutes, the track was getting harder and we have to hike the uphill land. Some large roots forced us to climb and the land turned to be slippery that makes us grabbing anything to hold on.



The struggle had not finished yet. The slope was getting crazier to almost 80 degrees. We had to creep on the surface of limestone which was little bit sharp. If we did not pay attention on what we step or what we hold, we would get scratched or even worse, fall down. Lucky us, there were the guide who showed us which one to step and hold on.

IMG_0542 IMG_0528

So, finally, Wayag, ladies and gents…


CIMG6202 CIMG6208

Wayag has two different spot to climb up, with two different yet magnificent view. If in the–let’s just call it–1st post, we started our trekking from an island where we got into its deep jungle while climbing, in the 2nd post, the boat will dock next to a limestone hill on the waters and we directly climb to the top of the hill. And this climbing was more difficult than the 1st post. It was all limestone and we had to keep creeping and climbing on it. Sometimes my palm was scratched and the legs got numb and shaky, since it was my first time climbing the hill.




And again, ladies and gentlemen, another incredible view of  Wayag…







  1. Hehehe selalu dirimu yang paling porno ya bang. Kutangan doang hehehe.
    Eh eh jd keinget 2 minggu lalu ajak anak ke baduy tracknya berat juga. Yang dewasa2 pada ngeluh gk jadi krn ngeliat si bocah aja kuat. Hahahaha


    • wkwkwkw, udah jadi brand ambassador bwt kutang nih Rul, soalnya haha.
      iya, kadang suka ketantang sendiri, yg anak kecil nenek nenek, aja pada bisa, masa kita yg masih segar bugar menantang gini udah ciut duluan hehe


    • uhuuuuuy, ada si bibik, akhirnya berkunjung juga kemarih. Iya bik, berangkat bareng kaki gatel. Scara kl pergi sndiri ga yakin bs ketemu rombongan yg bisa share cost huhu


      • Mmg Raja 4 selalu exotic, semoga trip Agt 2013 ini lancar …Btw, dr semua postingan mas Hendra, ane blm baca ada trip ke Alor, Rote atau Waerebo … Niatnya April atau Mei 2014 mau bekpek ke sana nih, ada yg minat gabung ? Ane sdh dpt 3 temen yg fix gabung …


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