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One Day Remaining!! (Swap Blog Project 1)

Hello tukang minggat’s buff, what’s up? I wish everything is alright. This is such an honor for me to express ‘chain of letters’ in this marvelous blog which its contents are envy-able at all. Mr. Hendra Fu and I are swapped in the first edition of #SWAPBLOG project as he posted before to introduce you all about this program. I hope you had already read it and we can understand what’s going to happen next, yeeay!

Well, my name is Mohammad Yusuf with ‘nama panggung’ Gelo Logic :D, the owner of a very simple blog called The Notes. I decided to be a blogger since 2 years ago. I believe that everything is going right if you had a great affection of doing it, right? At first, I was actually not confident enough to join this because I am just an amateur blogger while other participants are not only well-reputed but also well-known bloggers. However, after the moving of time, I assume that Life isn’t about to compare which one is best or not but to keep always learns and digs up much experiences.


Theme of the #SWAPBLOG’s first sequel that is led by youthgotravel is “Life in a Day”. We are free to interpret what it refers to. Nothing to lose, it depends on how we formulate and stimulate those words to be created as a catchy post. Life in a day, simply talks about ‘life’ with the variable of time. I mean, she would know what we are going to do if our life is still one day remaining. Who knows?


Life is sometimes alike with the process of ‘download’. Downloading might be right thing to do if you want to listen your favorite song from YouTube without buffering while your connection is getting slow. Either life or download need efforts to keep it ‘alive’. It is also related within limits called ‘time’. Human are not a durable creature. They shall look towards their creator, the Almighty God. He has decided how long we can stay in their planet. Then what are you going to do if your life is one day remaining?

It is hard to answer, indeed! I put through what Adele says on her song ‘Chasing Pavements’. Hehee ~

“I’ve (should) made up my mind”

Yup, I should have made up my mind. I want to be closer with Him, the all powerful. I would like to get forgiven particularly for my parents greater than common. Just the way it is.

Anyway, this is a kind of travel blog. I do respect Mr. Hendra Fu who willing to accept me here. So it’s better to get relevance of what I wrote here within journey or trip. The question shall be which places you want to visit if your life is one day remaining? What a huft.

My answer goes to the following country:

Can you guys guess which country is number 1-5 on the picture below?


Courtesy by google search

Fascinating New Zealand, Australia

Amazing Switzerland, Europe

Incredible Iran, Asia

Challenging South Africa, Africa

Captivating Peru, America

At last, thank you again Tukang Minggat and all awe-inspiring #SwapBloggers. It is really exciting enough.

I am open for suggestion and criticism.

Gelo Logic (http://yusufirst.blogspot.com)

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A writer, Traveler, Culinary seeker, and for sure, a short minded guy who won't think further to decide to confirm cheap flight when the fare goes on promo :D


  1. Cuma bisa nebak pasti no.1-2 dan 4 hehe.
    Boleh juga nih perumpamaan yang dipake Yusuf. Life is sometimes alike with the process of ‘download’. 😉


  2. Kalau saya paling suka ini om ndut “Life isn’t about to compare which one is best or not but to keep always learns and digs up much experiences”. It’s very nice post Mr. Yusuf, simple but deep and how you relate it with traveling, love it very much


  3. baru buka blog setelah lama berhibernasi hehe

    @yusuf: dari 5 tempat yg ditunjuk, ada dua yang jadi my biggest passion, south africa n peru, huhu. kapan ya bisa kesana TT

    @mba Vicky: ini tmen2 lomba blog internasional yg masuk final 12 besar iti mba, some other great bloggers 🙂

    @saprin: Hi mas, makasih dah blogwalking 😀

    @om nduut n taufan: yang bhasil nebak dapet tiket PP gratis plus akomodasi jkt-lima-jkt dari bang yusuf 😀


  4. saprin : waduhmohon maaf 3,4,5 salah mas. silahkan coba lagi taun depan. huehee 😀

    hendra : wahaha, yuk sama-sama propose ke garuda endonesa 😀


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