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Love Is Fighting (Swap Blog Project 2)

Well, I’d like to introduce myself as this month swap partner of Hendra :). My pseudonym is Gelato Traveler which reflects my passion to travel and as Gelatophile. I also have my own weblog, www.youthgotravel.wordpress.com. As the mandate of the Swap Leader in August, the theme of the month is “Ever Best Love Story!” which honestly makes me cracked.

Love is fighting, it doesn’t mean that the couple always quarrels and debates all the time. What I mean is, love need efforts! That’s for sure. It seems lame, that I am telling you about my own Long Distance Relationship. But yeah, I suppose that what pops out from my mind :D.

Stereotypically in Indonesia, if a girl dates a Western guy, she is high-possibly marked as the lucky villager who wants to get money from blind prince charming with ginger face. I am not trying to defend myself, but that’s only the statement comes from those who haven’t traveled, like ever in their life. But, in my own way, I have illuminated the way of life of my current boyfriend Jacknass Traveler to enjoy life with traveling. They said, it’s easier to achieve something rather than keeping it. That’s how I feel, I find already my perfect travel mate, but it doesn’t mean easy to keep him forever.

LDR is more expensive than normal relationship, not because of the phone bill, but because of the distance. We have to fly to each other at least one a year. But as traveler, I would think is another benefits. However, we have to tighten our belt every month in order to meet. Believe me, you will feel much more thankful and happy during your beloved ones’ visit after several times not meeting each other.

Talking about trip and travel, we always immortalize our happiest moment of being together through writing, photos and videos. Hence, you might check our travel stories on Perfect Travel mate Series or if you too lazy to read, just watch our travel videos on YouthGoTravel Channel. (Sorry Hendra, if I promote splurgily my blog, but it’s like the first baby in this relationship :D)

At last, we don’t know where this love will be ending. That’s why we’re still fighting for it and hope that the end would be like Shrek, happily ever after ;). I would also like to thank for Hendra! It’s cool to write on the weblog of The Famous Camisole Tukang Minggat :p.

Ps. Headline pic taken from http://www.stuffyouwillhate.com/wp-content/uploads/long-distance-relationships.jpg



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