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Happy Buffdae, Indonesia

Let’s take a look a little while, how magnificent this country is. It’s not an exaggeration if many people say that Indonesia is the last paradise on earth. Indonesia, a whole complete package of amusing experience where you can find it nowhere but here. In around 17000 islands which are surrounded by approximately 5 millions KM2 crystal clear waters, there live more than 1100 tribes with its colorful diversity. You never run out of sunshine all day long, and the people will always welcome you with their warmest smile.



Indonesia is not only Bali, although Bali is indeed one of world top destination. Borneo will satisfy you with its virgin jungle. Say hi to Orang Utan, our closest relative in ecosystem, which could be found in Tanjung Puting National Park. Spending more time admiring Dayak tribe’s philosophical tattoos and carving is also nice agenda to arrange.


Celebes is where heaven under and above are both completing one another. Takabonerate as world’s 3rd biggest atoll island, Wakatobi which has just been recognized as world biosphere reserve, and don’t forget to mention the famous Bunaken national park with its splendid underwater world, those three marine parks won’t disappointed anyone who loves to swim, snorkel, or dive.

Experience the magnificent underwater world of Wakatobi

You like culture? Java island provides all cultural heritage, mythical yet fascinating. Pay a visit to world largest Buddha temple, Borobudur, while enjoying lantern festive on Vesak day. Watching Ramayana theatrical performance in Prambanan temple. Hoping a better luck in mythical hair cut ritual for kids whose hair grow dreadlocks naturally in Dieng.


You are an adventurer? Sumatra is one of the best place to go. Meeting the endangered Sumatran tiger or trekking on Elephant’s back would be an unforgettable moment to spend. Climbing Bukit Barisan hills, the longest line of the hills in the island will be so much tempting. And for sure, why don’t have a try to leap over a large stone tower in Nias?


The more you go to the east, you will be amazed with the secret of this hidden pearl, Papua island. Raja Ampat with its epic limestone islands will take your breath away. Baliem valley and its annual festive will introduce you to an old traditional ceremony of the local tribes. And Jayawijaya mountain, the highest summit in and the only region which is covered with snow in Indonesia.


Those are not enough to show you how perfect your swap will be inΒ  my beloved country? No worry, we still have a lot that you never wanna miss. Visit Lombok and its three Gili to have a perfect break point if you do love surfing–and don’t forget the beer time at the endless party every night. Do a little time travel to meet the oldest and giant lizard in Komodo island, Flores–recognized as one of Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Feel the Maldives five stars resort experience in Ora Beach, Mollucas. And challenge your self to do such ethnic runaways in our more than thousands small virgin island which satellite the major ones.


Komodo, one of Seven Natural Wonders of the World

So, what do you think? Cant wait to have the Indonesian Visa on your passport and swap your daily life for ten days in my country?


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    • Wakatobi dah mewakili Sulawesi kan mba hehehe. Sengaja yg aku angkat surganya Celebes hehe. btw salam kenal yah πŸ˜€ warm regards dari lampung. Btw Sulawesinya dmana mba?


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