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Three Gili on January

What people say was right, it’s not recommended to visit Lombok and its Gili on January  (local language for small island). They say the wave is so high, rain pours down almost every day, less sunshine and less party in Gili!!

Darn!! less party in one of party animal’s Mecca?? gotta be kidding me!

Yup, at least that’s what i see when I spent my vacation last January in Lombok and three Gili. A night at Gili Trawangan became gloomy and tranquil night, accompanied by drizzle and splashing steps on the road.

Well, we (I, Dimas, Ririn and Olin) started our journey from Senggigi beach, one of most recommended beach area for a perfect romantic vacation, which also becomes the nearest area to transit before going to three Gili. In early morning, hostel picked up service brought us to Ombak Belig dock to sail to Gili Trawangan. We departed quite early in order to avoid the high wave that usually shows up before noon.

There are three touristic Gili in Lombok, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. We choose Gili Trawangan over the other Gili (Gili Air and Gili Meno) to feel the party experience that has been very famous. Beers, crazy dancing, shouting all night long, perfect playlist were fully loaded on our head, expecting one of the coolest beach party ever.

Once we got into the speedboat, the adventure was about to “really” start. The boat slowly left the dock and sped up. You can imagine how the high speed combined with the high wave create such unforgettable rafting sensation. The boat’s keel which was collided with the wave made a loud bump voice and hard shaking inside the boat. For couple of times we were bounced and shook. Ok, first ten minutes, it looked fun and exciting. But the next minutes, it turned creepy because the boat is now right in the middle of the deep waters and the wave is getting higher. Sometimes the wave splashed inside.


My friend tried so hard to take the pic. But this is the result when he shot and the wave bounced us

The drama filled with shout and fears finally stopped after we docked. Welcome to Gili Trawangan…


CIMG5076 CIMG5077 CIMG5082

There are many things to do here, bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, beering, partying even do “nothing”. Like when we wanted to hunt sunset at sunset point, we rented some bike from the hostel and went there together. We stopped a while at a quiet beach and swam. The sky suddenly turned darkened and cloudy. The sun didn’t show up and it was then raining.

DSCF0089 DSCF0069


Although the rain then eased off, but it poured again in the evening. This made some beach cafe looked chill and calm. I didn’t see any party presence when I passed them. People sat around each tables and enjoyed their beverages while having casual conversation.

Deep inside my heart, I shouted, where is the party?? Where is the music beats?? Where are crazy people?? Everything seems sober. Arghhh!!!

The nightmare kept on going. On the next day, when we had our three gili snorkeling time. We supposed to visit famous snorkeling spots. But due to the heavy waves, We only spent so little time at each spots and even we had to skipped some. I also felt that the flow pushed me hard when I tried to swim back to the boat. Some fishes I saw in the water seemed to swim backward (I thought they really swam backwards, until I realized that’s caused by the stream)

DSCF0210 CIMG5091




Great, the Three Gili vacation run according to the plan. We really went to that place at the wrong time.

However, the bright side is, the end and the beginning of the year always become the perfect season for all surfers. Perfect break will spoil their board and lift them high, riding the waves. We could see many surfers enjoyed the high wave and riding it gently.


Photo by Papp Ajohnp Izza’s property



  1. Gili Lombok is a very beautiful location and natural. I really like. because this location tends to be more quiet than Bali. and many things that tend to be traditional in Gili Lombok. and these things are interesting for us to enjoy. thanks for the share.


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