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Leaving on the Bullet Train to Hangzhou

Ni hao Beijing

The journey was continued. I and my family had arrived in Beijing South Railway Station. That day was our last day in Beijing and we were ready to head to our next destination, Hangzhou. Carrying all our packs, we walked through the entrance and waited for the train which will be departed at 10.00 a.m. Once I arrived at this station, I saw a typical of airport building rather than a railway station. Fancy yet not really pricey food stalls were lined up with some souvenir shops. Artificial trees decorated the hall and cozy waiting room were filled by the passengers.



Beijing South station is the second largest railway station in Asia after Shanghai Hongqiao station. It was opened in August 01st, 2008, replacing the old station, Yongdimen railway station.  This station serves the high-speed train route to Shanghai Hongqiao, Hangzhou, Tianjin and Fuzhou.


The tickets were on our hands and we showed them to the officer who guarded the entrance when the boarding announcement echoed. We walked down to the platform and straightly got into the coach. We took the second class–which is also very comfy and looks fancy. We put all the luggage on the racks and sat nicely while waiting for the train departing. Although we took the 2nd class, the coach is  also provided with cozy seat, air con, TV, reclining seat, clean toilet and–the most important thing for us as thrifty travelers–hot water dispenser. Yup, here, passengers can make coffee, tea or even cup noodles to kill the time.

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway/ Jinghu High-speed railway construction were began on April 2008 and opened for public commercial service on June 2011. Beijing-Shanghai track is recognized as the world’s longest high-speed line ever constructed in a single phase which connects 1.318-kilometre  (819 mi) long high-speed railway (connecting two major economic zones in PRC, Bohai Economic Rim and Yangtze River Delta, taken from wikipedia).

Well, reader, the train was then moving, leaving Beijing for less than 5 hours and speeding up approximately 300 km/h to Hangzhou. It’s time for me to sign out and took a nap a while. See you in Hangzhou ^_^

CIMG0339 CIMG0340



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