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Visiting Yu Yuan Garden (Ni Hao Shanghai, part 2)

Ni hao Shanghai,

It was day seven, and our next plan is visiting Yu Yuan Garden. Thanks God, it’s a nice day–not really sunny, though. Some cloud was still hanging on the sky. However, we kept bringing umbrella, just in case, if the rain was suddenly pouring down again. We went to subway station and took line 10 and got off at Yuyuan station.




Yu Yuan Garden (Garden of Happiness or Garden of Peace) was a gift from Pan Yunduan, a government officer, to his parents to enjoy their old age. It was first built in 1577. At that time, the garden used to be the largest and the most prestigious garden in Shanghai. Although several times it’s been damaged by some wars like the First Opium war and Japanese invasion, it’s repaired again by Shanghai government from 1956 and was opened for public in 1961 (Wikipedia).

Six main scenic area with unique characters lay on this 20.000 square meters garden. Those are Sansui Hall (used to be an entertaining hall for guests and become the largest and most commodious structure), Wanhua Chamber (The place where you can find pavilions, corridors streams, courtyards and natural features), Dianchun Hall (Here, we can see Hexu Hall, Relic Hall, Ancient Well Pavilion, and the Acting-and-Sing Stage), Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall (the place where the exquisite jade rock is located) and the Inner Garden (Some rocks, pavilions, ornamental ponds and flower walls) (The info is taken from

‘One of must visited place is Tea House which is located in the middle of the garden. As a cozy place to chill and spend spare time, Tea house has variant kind of teas and snacks to order. Unfortunately, at that time I didn’t get in to the house and tried cups of tea, due to the limited dough I had with me and all family wasn’t willing to go in there. So I just stood across the building and took some pictures with my family.



On the other side of the garden, people who want to pray for luck and prosperity can visit City God Temple. This old city landmark has a lot of beautiful god and goddess sculptures. The temple was built as a dedication to the spirit of Jinshan (Gold Mountain off the coast of Shanghai) in 14th centuries, completely restored in 2005 and reopened for public in 2006 as worship place which is reconsecrated by Taoist clergymen. (Wikipedia)


Yuyuan Garden doesn’t only offer a beautiful scenery, but also give you time to indulge your impulse shopping. Here lies some souvenir shops and food stalls. You can buy not only Shanghai signature snacks, dried tea leafs, dried or candied fruits, but also key chains, tees, postcards, panda dolls, and others accessories. I my self can’t stand not to buy some snacks and bring them home.



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