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Shanghai City Tour (Ni Hao Shanghai, part 4, end)


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A brief about Shanghai:

As the largest populated city in People Republic of China, Shanghai grows up  as a center of east and west commerce since 19th century. Its strategic position as a port has attracted not only British, but also French and America’s attention. Not only contested by those three countries, in early 20th century, Japan started to consider Shanghai as their next colony. In 1949, China took over Shanghai from Japan and  slowly grow up until now as major financial center and the busiest container port in the world (Wikipedia).

On our last day in Shanghai, I and my family had a city tour around Shanghai. We paid CNY 40 for one day pass ticket (24 hours since the ticket is bought) for City Sightseeing double decker bus. With this ticket, we can stop, go off the bus and visit some sites, then take another bus to move to another site without paying  more. The ticket is in form of smart card, toward which the officer will scan its validity each time you go on the bus.


Sightseeing ticket


Sightseeing Bus route. To switch from line one/red to line two/green (Jinmao Tower and Oriental TV tower), we can stop at some intersection as shown on the map and take Bus Line 2–no need to pay too)

Ok, the bus started to leave the station, let’s have the city tour begun 🙂


ss2 ss15  ss3


ss4 ss5 ss6 ss7 ss8 ss9 ss10 ss11 ss12




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