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Shop Til You Drop at Nanjing Road (Ni Hao Shanghai, part 3)

“Loewe, Zara, Charles n Keith, Mango, Banana Republic, Tiffany, Mont Blanc, you name it!”

Ni hao Shanghai!!

Hi, my name is Tukang Minggat and I am not Shopaholic. I was in Nanjing Road, Shanghai, one of world biggest pedestrian shopping center. On day two in this city, after getting amazed by the beauty of hundred years old building in Yu Yuan Garden, we went to our next stop, Nanjing road. Nope, I didn’t intend to go shopping… maybe a little… only if there would be bazaar. Yup, I promised to my self…

Nanjing road has two sections to visit, East Nanjing road and West Nanjing road, separated by Peoples Park. This 5 kms shopping street is full of department stores, some world famous boutiques, and some domestic retail outlets. Hungry? no worry, there’re some eateries which offer western and local cuisine, both inside the malls and on the side walk. Tired of walking from the Bund or accompanying your girlfriend shopping? Nanjing Road also provide some bench to take a rest. Or if you are tired but you still want to go around, Sightseeing bus could be an alternative.

Beside modern design of shopping centers, Nanjing road also keep conserving some European historical building. Sightseeing could be an interesting to do, although, can’t be denied, some displays on the shops will tempt you to drop by and say hi.

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