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Indonesian Culinary, Harmony of Art and Taste

Indonesian culinary is not only famous for its savory flavor. How they serve it, how they plate it and even how they eat it imply its unique art blended with its traditional value…


How Padangnese (West Sumatra) Serve their dishes. They can put more than 10 small plates on their hand–quite like an acrobat, ait?


Yes, Javanese decorates Tumpeng rice for ceremony perfectly with some cutlets cooked in traditional recipe, mashed and fried potatoes. halved spicy eggs, tofu and tempeh, including some cucumbers, tomato slices and chilli flower as garnished. Photo taken from


Togethernes could be tangibly seen in some culture like Lampungnese (Southern Sumatra) Nyeruit.  This tradition is usually held to celebrate some familial event. Family, relatives or colleagues will gather and dine. Pic taken from


Most of Indonesian loves sambal (chilli sauce) and they often pinch their food (fried chicken, fried tofu, and some othed fried food) on sambal to add more spicy flavor and to gain the appetite. Pic taken from



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