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Sexy Things (Swap Blog Project 4)

SEXY from my point of view is wearing boots, driving Lamborghini, and having a hot mama for my kids.  Or maybe you can interpret the picture from different perspectives: trying every boots in every store, taking pictures of other people’s Lamborghini, and jerking off while watching Malena.  Dude, are you that depressive?  Hahaha!

Anyway, hello guys, I’m Badai, you can check my blog at http://duabadai.wordpress.com or visit my travel blog at http://disgiovery.com

The reason I write this ‘sexy’ thing is just because Hendra has made it to become #Swapblog’s theme of the month.  No mercy.  And I’ve spent these past weeks with lack of sleep and eat thinking of what I’m going to write.  Thank you, Hendra! 😉

I don’t consider myself as a sexy person if it’s related to physical appearance.  But I know that some women sometimes find a sexiness in a man through his confidence, or his broad knowledge, or simply his charming smile, or even his awkward gesture.  Am I right, ladies?

And the same condition applies vice versa.

Ever since I’ve had my own camera, my perspective on ‘sexiness’ has dramatically changed.  I’ve had deep interest on human photography, and I’ve found out that every person is beautiful and sexy in their own way/activity.  There is no ‘jelek’ for people, what is ‘jelek’?.  Exotic is more suitable.  Old man pushing his cart, old woman selling fruits, labors walking home from work, you name it.


And I have another interest on human body part, especially feet.  I’m not a foot fetish, but I think feet are sexy, and photographing them are exciting.  Feet are somehow reflecting feelings, and sometimes you have to guess what the real feelings are, what the expression on the face is, etc.  And that’s the exciting part of it.


See the picture above?  One thing attracts me most is not the faces of Nadja-Christy-Claudia-Cindy-Stephanie, but the feet.  They are so awesome!  Yes, I love long legs, but that’s not the point.  If there’s body language, then feet language is probably my main course.

Talking about feet, what about mine? My feet are my bipedal main tool, although I see them as regular ones same like others.  Size 42-43.  Whenever I go traveling, I always have a moment with my feet:  taking pictures of them, with or without footwear.  My feet (especially when they’re wet) with natural background sometimes create sexy pictures for me.

So, what about other people sexiness if we rely on physical attraction.  Frankly speaking, I like the look of the eyes.  And their feet, of course.  Monica Bellucci has everything.  Adrien Brody is sexy I may say for his awkward appearance.  Tilda Swinton is uniquely sexy with her elfish look.  Young Winona Ryder and Liv Tyler are sexy for their eyes & innocence.  And the feet of Victoria’s Secret’ angels, oh la la!

What about you, guys?


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