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When did the Last Time You Pay Attention on Flight Safety Instruction?

I am sure that when you’ve been a frequent airplane passenger, you will skip the flight safety instruction. Ya ya ya, you remember all detail of the instruction, you know how to buckle up, you know where the life jacket is and how to wear it properly, and you even have turned off your E-gadget right after you got a boarding call.

You will ignore the safety guidance card in your seat back pocket. You will make sure that your seat back is on the full upright position, you fold the tray in front of you and open a window during the plane taking off. You know how to open the emergency window without the need to re-read the directions. you know also that smoking is strictly prohibited, anywhere, anytime.

But hey, nothing goes wrong in paying a little attention on this amusing Safety Instruction by Virgin America 😀 It’s more than just an instruction but a demo video with a  full groovy theatrical show. Instead of listening to a tedious instruction, you would be entertained by Broadway-like dancing and singing performance.

So, are you ready for flying?


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