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Culinary Hunting in Central Java (Exploring Central Java, part 1)

Couple days ago, I got an opportunity to explore some cities in Central Java, started from Semarang, its capital, heading to Pekalongan, Pemalang, Purbalingga and ended up at Purwokerto. Riding a bike with my friend, we traveled the cities, enjoyed the scenery and dropped by a while to spend the quality time.

Through this blog, I would like to share you some experience I had during the time traveling to the cities. This premier part would talk about some local cuisine at some city. A unique blend of taste that can be found variously from one city to another. They might offer the same menu, for example Soto (traditional soup) or Sate. But if you taste it, you can find different ingredient in each city. In Pekalongan, Soto Tauto (or they call it Coto Tauto) is served with fermented soybeans (called tauco) and buffalo meat. Meanwhile in Purbalingga, Soto Bancar is served with sweet yet hot peanut sauce to add its authentic flavor.

Ladies and Gentlement, Please enjoy…


Durian ice soup, served with coconut milk and syrup


Coto Tauto with fermented soybeans and buffalo meat


Nasi Grombyang (Grombyang rice), served with rice topped with a savory spicy sauce and slices of tender beef.


Buffalo Satay which is usually served with rice grombyang. What makes this different with the other satay is, Buffalo satay is served with serundeng  (grated and roasted coconut) and soysauce


Tahu pletok, tofu which is fried inside out


Loso satay, signature dish from Pemalang, which is served with beef and spicy peanut sauce as its topping


Morning snack


Soto Bancar, served with sweet yet hot peanut sauce to add its authentic flavor.



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