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Cultural Parade, Krakatau Festival 2013

23th Krakatau Festival which is held this year in Kalianda, South Lampung brings out the theme “The Mask of United Color”. Taking a place in South Lampung Regent office, the program iss started by the beating of Gamolan and Cetik (Lampung Traditional instrument), welcome dance, salutation from  some officials such as the Lampung governor, South Lampung Regent,  Tourism and Creative Economy vice minister. Tapis (Lampung traditional garment) fashion show, three colors king umbrellas parade, Tuping dance (mask welcoming dance) and cultural parade from each regency tone up the agenda of this year Krakatau Festival.

These are some amateur shoots I took when watching the parade, please enjoy…



IMG_2546 IMG_2593 IMG_2642IMG_2778 IMG_2748 IMG_2725 IMG_2681 IMG_2745



    • hehe foto2 sampah itu mah, baru prtama x blajar jeprat jepret, tp objeknya emang keren2 #ngga ditunjang dengan skill fotografer yg memadai seperti sayah T_T


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