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How to Avoid Scammer in Less than a Minute

Tired of being a dumb innocent traveler who always get scammed? Worry too much about what to do in a new destination? These are some tips you might want to try…

1. Play “I am a pauper, don’t expect too much from me”


Scammer loves money. So, the way to avoid them is acting as if you have less money. Instead of wearing your Armani outfit, or Gabbana sunglasses, why don’t you wear cheapy fake Quicksilver tees or Gucci bag China? Slippers won’t look promising, rather than heels.

2. Act as if you know everything

Scammers can smell your “I am an innocent foreigner” attitude. This will be a good bait for inviting them and offering you trips, hostels, vehicle rentals and whatever and whatsoever. Do a relaxed gesture, tilt your head, don’t show your confused face as if you are lost somewhere.

 3. Say NO with a cold blooded killer’s smile


Scammer sells, offers, persuades, pushes and even threats the tourists. Some is well mannered and will not push you too much, but some sucks and will never take NO for your answer. Try to practice Chucky’s or Jigsaw’s smile and show it when you answer “NO” at the third time you answer them. Stare at their eyes coldly in few seconds as if you are saying “Leave now or you’ll be sorry for being born in this world”.

4. “#4^%#*@r&> No English, No English!”

Never respond in English!  It works to cut off the conversation they have just started. Grumble at your own language or  in alien language which you don’t even understand. Speak it loud and fast to make them annoyed then leave.

5. Google the info as much as possible!

Yeah, this is probably the most working tip. Knowing more will keep you off any possible scams. You can set the good price when bargaining anything. You know where to go, you don’t need people whom you meet and suddenly offer you one day date tour.



  1. aremaronny says

    he he It’s very nice tips. Aku mau mempraktekkan ah especially Stare at their eyes coldly in few seconds as if you are saying “Leave now or you’ll be sorry for being born in this world”.


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