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It’s Travel Selfie Time!

I love being a solo traveler for some reasons. First, I don’t need to argue with my travel mate to decide where to stay, what time to wake up, which place to visit, what food to eat, and so on. Second, sometimes I need my “not doing anything” time, I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to sit on the sand when in the beach, I just want to enjoy my coffee time in the corner of a city and no body shall bother.

But there’s a time when being solo travel sucks. Especially when I have to take some pics. Well, sometimes having our own presence on a picture is not a tacky narcissism, I can say. This could be excused when you want to prove that you were really on the trip and you are not photoshopping the pics.

This is my travel selfie, what about yours?


In a park in front of Grand Palace, Bangkok


On my way to Komodo Island, Flores


In Labuan Bajo, Flores


Inside a Tuk-Tuk in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia

CIMG3606At Halong Bay, Vietnam


Eating Scorpion in Bangkok



  1. Hahaha ya mau gimana lagi, Kalo udh kepepet ya asal cepret aja deh.. Sering juga kok, malah sepertinya efek foto selfie lebih bagus. Hahaha


      • mba kok ga bisa posting di page Let’s escape ya> ga ada send buttonnya..woooow yang mau ke Bagan…bener2 betaaaah disana asik banget..


      • di page yang mana mba? yg about the writer itu bukan? duh kok bisa yak .

        iya nih, dah apply visa kemarin, moga2 lancar. dah ga sabar mau foto sunrise sunsetnya Bagan hehe


      • iya page yg about writer itu….ada satu pagoda yang sepi di Bagan, asik motret sunset ga usah rame2 desak2an, lupa namanya tapi jalannya masih ingat heheee…thanks udah folback


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