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Touch Up like Burmese!

That woman rubbed Thanaka wood on a flat circular stone (called Kyauk Pyin) which was poured by a little water on it. The water slowly turned white yellowish and coagulated. Then the woman smeared it on my and my friend’s face.

After getting out of her house and continuing the trip, the sun and its scorching heat then was no longer burning our face. Just like wearing a mask, the skin got cooler and tightened.


Thanaka is one typical traditional make up that now is still being applied by Burmese. Though most of them are women and children, but we could also see some men use it. Beside grinding the bark of Thanaka wood, to make the paste, people nowadays just need to buy the paste balls or the powder and then adding it with water.

Thanaka-a-national-identity-of-Myanmar7 (1)

A woman is selling Thanaka wood while smearing the paste onto her daughter. Pic take from

Ah yeah, by the way, Don’t forget to wear saroong everywhere you go. And afterward, yes, we feel more Burmese now  😀




    • they put it as every day use since the day is really hot. you can see many people with Thanaka on their face passing by. maybe it’s kinda foundation cream, lols. Very interesting.


  1. Thain Gar says

    It actually works as sunscreen+skincare+foundation. Sadly, people in the cities don’t wear it as much anymore. But I like to wear it at night sometimes.


    • Yeah, I saw in Mandalay last month when visiting, rarely people wear it. But I could still find some still apply it in Mingun, Inwa and Bagan. Really miss the city already…


  2. FIFI says

    Yea, I used it, it came all the way from Bangkok to London. It is brilliant and my face felt like silk and satin for a whole week. I had gotten sunburn when I went to the US and every time a little sun comes out, one of my arms that received the sunburn would flare up, itch like crazy with small bumps but I applied the Thanaka powder on that area on my arm and it healed it totally. I only used it there about 4 times and I apply the powder once a week.I felt like the rough top part of my skin on my face, came off. It really is worth investing in, so natural and so beautiful


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