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8 Types of Girls that Guys would Travel With

Traveling with the opposite sex friends indeed leaves a different sensation. Sometimes it ends up as a partner in life, but frequently also you just ought to be complacent to remain good friend. Or the worst is, both of you are pledged that, for god sake, this would be the first and the last time you both travel together.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, as John Gray says. A full committed understanding is required to create such harmony in every term. Survey has been conducted by me, 100 guys and 100 girls have revealed out what kind of ideal opposite sex friend that they would love to travel with. Here in first session, let’s hear what guys want from the girls before bringing them to the adventurous travel world.

So ladies, please pay a good attention.

1. Simple  and not Fussy 76%

Guys like girls who don’t behave excessively, ask too much and accept every thing the way it is. Remember, most of men don’t listen, so get over it. Don’t be grumpy. Men’s ears aren’t made for listening such long and tedious complaint.


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2. Independent and Tough (59%)

Most of men do love pampering women, but not when traveling. Men want an independent women who dare to accept challenges. Although men will protect without being asked, however, at least girls should be able to protect themselves when in need.

3. Adaptable, Flexible n Sociable (53%)

Guys love to travel with girls who can get through any condition, get used to any sudden change, and for sure, can interact with many people. They understand and apply the Dos and DONTs and they appreciate every differences they meet.


4. Smart and Loving the Discussion (32%)

Smart girls turn traveler men really on. Men can be very enthusiastic to discuss travel plans They will be mersmerized by your idea, critizise it and ask you to find the solution together. Isn’t it fun to arrange the itinerary together, where to go and what to do?

5. Adventurous (30%)

Adventurous is nowaday term for sexy. Men will feel  extremmely burnt to see a sweaty girls with messy and muddy look than a full touched up lady. Girls who climb the mountain will look hotter than girls who hang out at the mall.

6. Good Looking (18%)

It’s undeniable that appearance could tempt the guys easily. But chill girls, for most traveler men, beauty is just bonus. Therefore the percentage could only reach minimum number.

7. One vision (15%)

Differences would color the journey, but one vision will make all running smooth and easy. Men sometimes hate arguing the girls, therefore, when everything goes inline, men will enjoy the trip more.

8. Not a Shopaholic (12%)

Hunting midnight year end sale in Hongkong or buying cheapy souvenirs in Chatuchak market could burn your spirit, girls. But remember, most of men don’t shop and their legs aren’t made for following you from shop to shop. Their patience aren’t made for waiting for you testing the whole outfit from boutique to boutique.



  1. Hah, this was an interesting article, thank you for clearing it all up! I especially loved the part that “adventurous is the new sexy”. I will be so hot this Saturday conquering Munros in the Scottish highlands in my muddy boots and bulky trousers…


    • i bet you will! 😀 Just make sure that you count how many pair of eyes would be glared by your presence 😀 btw thanks for dropping by 😀 really appreciate it


  2. liat tujuan travelingnya kemana dulu sih ya… kalo ke gunung ya pasti milih partner yg no fussy and independent…
    Tapi kalo ke Paris dan semacamnya… yah gw milih yg shopaholic dan perfectionist 🙂


    • hahaha Paris lain cerita kali yak. malu juga ih masa gaya ngegembel di fashion city. yaaa minimal pake satu barang branded la biar ga disinisin sama warga haha


  3. ronatopia says

    Yang jelas sih paling gak banget kalo ngetrip sama cewek yang hobi belanja,fussy,sok bersih dan narsis hampir setiap meter kaki melangkah *padahal gw sendiri juga cewek 😀


    • hahhaha. narsis boleh si. tp nggak yg stiap meter poto yaa. yg liat pilar aja lgsg pengen poto hihi. btw thanks dah berkunjung 🙂


  4. Danubrata says

    no place for weak women, just dependent on the men..
    *devillaughing =D



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